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Career Services for Current Federal Employees

 Are you:
1. Seeking a promotion at your current agency?
2. Thinking about applying for a job at another Federal agency?
3. Considering moving into management?


Obtaining a Promotion

Landing a New Job

​Becoming a Leader

Unless you are in a career ladder position at your current agency, you will have to compete for a promotion.

That means you will need to update your resume with your current skills and recent accomplishments and upload it to USA Jobs. You will also need to upload your most recent annual review.  

FederalResumeWriter.net can advise you how to document your performance for use in your self-assessment and in applying for a promotion.

For a complimentary resume critique, e-mail a copy of your current resume and a link to the USAJOBs posting you are interested in applying for.

Position descriptions and specific duties vary by agency. 

Your resume will need to document that you have the neccesary knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) for the job you are seeking.  

Federal vacancy announcements require candidates to list key duties and accomplishments for each job held.

FederalResumeWriter.net can help you identify the KSAs for the job you are seeking and craft a resume containing those key words and ascommplishments.
Interested in becoming a supervisor, manager or joining the Senior Executive Service (SES)?

 Your resume will need to document your readiness to move to the next level.  

To qualify for an SES job, you must demonstrate exceptional leadership, managerial and people skills and know how to build partnerships and communicate with customers.
FederalResumeWriter.Net can help Federal workers move into supervisory, management or leadership positions by quantifying your technical and leadership skills
Prices will vary based on the complexity of the project
GS 9-13
Price begins at $375 and will vary depending on the number of prior positions held and availablity of source documents.
GS 14-15
Price begins at $425 and will vary depending on the complexity of the job seeking and availabilty of source documents.
Senior Executive Service
SES application packages contain the following elements;
1. Executive resume
2. Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs)
3. Technical Qualifications (TQs)

  • Executive Resume:  $450
  • ECQs: $500
  • TQs:  $250 each
Ready to Advance Your Career?
If you are ready to take the next step in your career, compile the following documents:
1. Latest resume in a Word document format.
2. Copies of your mid-year and annual reviews, including your self-assessment.
3. Current position description, annotated to include what your actual duties.
Send the documents and a link to the  USAJOBS vacancy announcement that interests you to FederalResumeWriter.net using the link below.

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